We video transfer your home movies, Digital Tapes, VHS Tapes, Old Film, Vinyl Records, Cassette tapes, photos and slides with titles and music to DVD or to a computer file. We also can produce mass duplication of video tapes (all formats) and DVD’s with customized labels. Transferring foreign conversion PAL-NTSC is also an available service we offer. And remember the old records, cassettes and the reel to reel audio? Well, we can transfer those to CD as well. UR Music & Video’s Video Transfer service can accommodate all of your transfer needs.


Video Transfer
Code Service Description Price
20Film To DVD8mm film preserved to DVD.  Basic Black & white print in paper sleeve. Include Film titles  (see code 52)See Reel Price Sheet
28VHS to DVDUp to 2 hours of any video on high  resolution DVD. For tape consolidation (See Code 53)$50.00
31Audio to CDTransfer your vinyl record or cassette to CD. To be played in any CD player.$50.00
24DVD SlideshowTo find Out more about our Slideshows Click Here
C26Extra CopiesBasic Extra Copies$30.00
50Custom MusicSet up fee for custom music selections.$19.99
50aPer SongPer Song Charge to add music.$10.00
52Custom TitlesComputer titles that precede image or movie reels.$15.00
53ConsolidationUsed when adding VHS tapes to existing DVD$25.00